Push to Talk

Eve Online is a sci-fi based MMO. It is a sandbox game where the actions of even one player can change the game for hundreds of thousands of players in the single shard universe. The politics, industry, economy, war and even the egos of players are interwoven into the fabric of the game.


 Push to Talk is a talk show about EVE Online


Hundreds of thousands of people all over the world play this sci-fi sandbox based MMO. EVE Online is set in the virtual universe of New Eden. 
New Eden never sleeps. The universe of EVE Online has something for everyone. It is best described as many games that are interwoven into a single game fabric. Where each action by a player can impact hundreds or even thousands of other players. A place where players create the stories. Where politics, industry, economics, and most of all players merge into legend.  



The Team 


Our team members have played EVE Online over a half-century of combined time.


Erick Asmock  

Erick Asmock - Host


Erick has played EVE Online since 2006. He is a writer for Imperium News and has hosted several Twitch shows over the years for Imperium News Twitch. Erick is the CEO for Patriotic Tendencies Corporation, a member of Goonswarm Federation.



McCloud - Co-Host


MacCloud is the Technical Producer of Talking in Stations, in charge of assembling the visuals and making sure the quality of the show is as high as possible. He has a degree in Audio Production and currently branching out into visual media. MacCloud is also a 10 year veteran of EVE Online, being part of Alliances on both sides of the in-game political sphere; A content producer for INN and has built and moderated player communities in other games. He had previously won EVE for about a year but was tempted back by The Initiative.


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